To innovate constantly in today’s competitive market, you must generate new ideas and implement them quickly in your product. It is difficult to assess different parts of any equipment using traditional geometric measurement techniques.

3D Street is a leading Reverse Engineering Services Provider specialized in converting 3D scanned data into accurate 3D CAD model from physical parts of any equipment or product, in order to utilize them to enhance design by keeping in mind manufacturability and the development process.

Our CAD specialists can help you document designs in form of 3D models on any platform such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Solid Edge, or some other CAD platform.

Our Reverse Engineering Services Include

  • Capture CAD data from current objects
  • Update CAD models for part tooling needs
  • Product Design a new part to fix
  • Redesign a specific part or full product without manufacturing flaws
  • Performance surfaces
  • Modernize your manufacturing process

Supporting engineering clients to restore out of date design data, our reverse engineering services assure to provide digital design information for the products to stay ahead of the curve. Our close collaboration with client’s design team offers opportunities to delve into alternative concepts or overhaul existing ones, fueling modernization during product development process.

Some of the major benefits you can gain by hiring our reverse engineering services are –

  • Have a keen focus on improving the feature of products without putting pressure on the other departments functioning for the core business goal.
  • Improve the product quality and plan out to develop complete product documentation and modifiable 3D models which meets modern manufacturing standards.
  • Get products evaluated along with their parts thoroughly to develop the most suitable development plan
  • Get complete insight into competitor’s products
  • Cut the cost of product development by implementing sophisticated digital methodology which enables in building prototypes of the product.

Whether it is medical devices, automotive components, turbine blades, or complete plant layout, we proffer reverse engineering solutions to manufacturing companies tailored according to international design standards and region.

Reverse engineering is also adopted by businesses for bringing existing physical geometry into digital product development environments, to make a digital 3D record of their own products or to assess competitors’ products. It is useful for analyzing, for example, how a product works, what components it consists of, what it does, estimated costs, and detect potential patent infringement, and more. Since value engineering is an associated activity also used by various businesses, it entails analyzing and deconstructing products, but the aim is to find opportunities for cutting costs.

Apart from everything else about reverse engineering, one thing that developers should always keep in mind is the legal and ethical risks related to doing so and try hard to avoid doing anything that is illegal. You can choose our consulting, analytical process that will help you measure performance goals and eventually get you the results you need.

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