Whether you want to recreate a popular figure, Sci-fi model, scenery, a special moment or a war hero 3D printing miniatures can help you create one. Also, there are certain games which can provide you a more immersive experience with 3D miniatures.

3D Street is a leading 3D Miniature company creating 3D models by adding and combining them as per your requirement in terms of base and scale to fulfill your purpose. We have a team of artists who are specialized in making customized miniatures to both individuals as well as companies. If you need our support for making realities 3D miniatures we can foster you in creating miniature at any stage and make the entire process seamless. Our expertise lies in designing 3D models, miniatures, and 3D print. By hiring us, you can get metal casting, resin casting, or plastic injection molding under one roof.

Our 3D Miniature services include

  • 3D figurine
  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D customized gifts
  • 3D Printing
  • 3D Miniatures and more

Our creative team is always on the deck to help you make your own miniature and envisage it in real using 3D printing. Whether you want to customize race, mount, armor, or accessories into a miniature, we can create it plain or full color depending on your specifications.

If you have a miniature requirement, we would want to help you with best quality 3D miniatures unique and personalized. To avail the right outcome our team will, first of all, collaborate with you to understand in depth what we are asking for. This collaboration would be basically to grab all the nitty-gritty such as what size and scale of miniature you need after 3D printing.

Our process of creating a 3D Miniature :

Conception – A drawing of an artwork is made, either with traditional or digital methods. For certain projects, this concept is given by the client.

Digital Sculpting – A digital sculpt is formed either sculpted or modeled using diverse software, based on what is necessary. It is imperative to design the piece particularly suitable for printing as well as casting.

3D Prototyping – The digital sculpt is set and is printed in our in-house 3D printers. Our printers can attain excellent detail down to a layer thickness of just 6 microns – this is the highest resolution in 3D printing available commercially.

Apart from that, we also have professional-grade 3D Printers that can produce high-detailed objects (layer thickness up to 25 microns). This high-detailed rendering is highly suggested for sculptures as well as customized figurines.

Mold making and casting – The molds are made using a quality RTV silicone and the models are vacuum cast in first-class resin to make the highest quality pieces for clients everywhere.

For any queries related to 3D Miniature services, you can email us at or call us on +91 97377 26725.


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Your design would first get 3D printed for a quality-assurance procedure. Post that, we will use our best professional 3D printers to manufacture your designing parts.

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