Jewelry Models

3D printed jewelry use to sound like an idea from a sci-fi concept years before, but now 3D printed pieces of jewelry appear and feel just like conventionally casted objects, 3D printed jewelry is now becoming mainstream.

3D Street is an experienced Jewelry Models Company offering CAD jewelry design services that are customizable to meet the requirements as well as a timeline for your specific project. Our pre-qualified and top-ranking designers have a deep as well as an extensive understanding of jewelry design, making, and manufacturing.

Our Jewelry Models Services Include

  • Concept design and sketching
  • 3D CAD design and 3D modeling
  • 3D printable prototype designs
  • Custom wedding/engagement rings
  • Design from pictures

Whether it is jewels, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, diamonds, rings, and chains the imaginative potential of jewelry with us is immeasurable. By the virtue of our talented CAD designers, there’s no boundary to what you can imagine and bring to life. We, at 3D Street, are capable of offering world-class design talent for a fraction of the cost compared to conventional jewelry design companies. With our custom fit services for customized jewelry, we fulfill every specification of our clients, which means you will achieve the services you require that goes with your budget, project, and deadline.

How do we work?

Our expert 3D artists can make pieces to your precise specifications or can work with you to make something completely creative and exclusive without compromising on quality. We use advanced CAD technology to create prototypes which further can be rapidly made by using additive manufacturing. Once you confirm your piece, our pro designers will create a 3D printable digital file so that you can get a detailed idea of how your jewelry will appear and feel avoiding the costs and lead-time of traditional prototyping. And just like any other CAD design, the digital file can without difficulty be modified, enabling for iterative design without any operating cost.

You can collaborate with our expert designers as they are quick at understanding the manufacturing process and will closely work with you in order to make models of your jewelry design optimized for rapid manufacturing as well as prototyping. Choose 3D printing technology and our customized jewelry models services, as it will be uncomplicated and more cost-effective to convert from the design phase to prototyping and production with us. We have an experienced team of designers who are good at producing everything from a unique pair of wedding bands or a collection of jewelry for sale on the market. We can create jewelry models and manufacture wooden pendants, stainless steel anklets to anything you name.

For any queries regarding jewelry model services, you can email us at or call us on +91 97377 26725.


Select/Upload A Design

Go through the range of products we offer. Or upload your own designs in .STL format and our team will get in touch with you within an hour to take it further.

Review & Quotation

Once you upload your design, our designing team will get in touch with you instantly for review, thereafter we will be mailing the quotation to you.

Print & Quality Check

Your design would first get 3D printed for a quality-assurance procedure. Post that, we will use our best professional 3D printers to manufacture your designing parts.

Timely Delivery

Lastly, your order will be picked up by our shipping partners to get it delivered to you. We promise you a timely delivery. No setbacks.

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