Investment Casting Wax Models

Investment casting, which is also known as lost wax casting, is a practice in which a prototype is conventionally made of wax and covered with ceramic slurry. The wax pattern is in general produced with injection molding. The wax is dissolved in the ceramic shell, which is pre-heated before molten metal is poured into it. Once the metal cools down, the ceramic is vibrated and then blasted from the metal casting.

3D Street is a renowned Investment Casting Services Company offering investment casting patterns and investment casting parts created as per our client’s specifications. We take great pride in our excellent precision investment casting, quality verification testing, as well as part design services. We have vast experience in making outstanding quality precision investment cast components for diverse industries, such as food processing, wastewater treatment, military applications, and more.

Why choose to hire 3D Street for Investment casting?

  • Affordable tooling and minimized cost
  • Cut cost of casting patterns by 92%
  • Decrease time spent to create casting patterns by 90%
  • Lessen the weight of casted part and improve finish with SLA casting
  • Improved speed of concept to casting

Our investment castings services will give a lot of benefits to the end user, manufacturer, or designer by making use of this single process to fabricate components, often initially visualized to be manufactured in many ways that are either too expensive or too preventive in terms of design elements.

Such investment castings take on an exclusive attribute which is unachievable by other processes, basically by using die injected wax shapes as patterns. So, using investment casting solutions helps in obtaining the accuracy and detail of components made by injection molding. It is generally reserved for low melting point metals, but actually made from high melting point metals and alloys like stainless steel and steel. This is because of the exclusive structure of a flawless ceramic shell built around the precision wax shapes. The ceramic shell holds the shape of these wax geometries at exceedingly high temperatures while the molten metal, filled into the shells, hardens into your castings.

Hire a veteran and committed precision investment casting company like us; it will give an extra edge, if you need high-quality cast manufacturing components fabricated to our client’s accurate specifications.

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