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If we talk about design, there actually is no boundary to the imagination. Sadly, there is a boundary to how much of a designer’s mind’s eye can actually be transformed into the real world and converted into a physical object. To create an object by casting them in molds or by leveraging CNC machines, there are poor chances of getting what you expect. Thanks to advancements in 3D printing technology for interior accessories.

3D Street is a creative 3D interior accessories company skilled at designing interior accessories in a professional yet stylish way using our 3D interior design solutions. Our well-trained team of experts takes interior designing to the next level. With the help of a selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D printing process, we can create some of the really magnificent kitchen hardware.

The SLS process enables the designers to produce objects with the help of geometries that is impossible to fabricate using ordinary casting techniques. Similarly, with interior designs, the interior accessories are 3D printed in FDM machines and then refined. We have well-versed knowledge of the innovative 3D printing technology which provides prototype designs that aren’t possible with traditional manufacturing. We are confident that with our vast experience in 3D interior accessories we can add another dimension to the interior design arena.

How we work

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Once a 3D model is created by a designer it is then forwarded to the printer, which layers the target materials to manufacture an object from ground level. It allows designers to make highly customizable products and it is quite economical while giving a lot of field for imagination and trialing on the way. Your design conceptualizations can come to life with 3D printing for everything ranging from a beautifully designed hardware for kitchen, or a convoluted chandelier for your dining area.

The 3D designers create several designs using durable wood, along with other raw materials combined with cement polymer and salt. The 3D printing technology makes it happen to make interactive designs without wastage of resources during the process. Our design discretion is second to none in terms of bringing to life things like bath fixtures, photo frames, and other interior features with the fundamental essence of 3D Printing. Now just these products, our 3D printer can have room for a broad range of interior accessories, making way for the new opportunities for eco-friendly furniture and décor.

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