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The global 3D healthcare printing market is expected to be worth USD 1.3 billion by 2020 –
Netscribes research.

Medical field is one of the fields that has greatly adopted and executed 3D printing. The researches have also started out to experiment 3D printing in various ways including designing artificial bones. Not just that the process is put into use for a lot of other usage. Some of the companies are looking forward to explore the opportunity to print the organic materials that can be utilized in various surgeries and can be used as a replacement of various defective parts of the human body.

3D Street is also engaged in research of the Future 3D printing services such as prescription glasses, hearing aids, human kidney printing, skin printing, 3D printed hearing and a lot more. Starting from a 3D scan or 3D file, our team can make unique, ergonomic as well as perfect products that will give your patient more ease and comfort with a more personalized and adapted care.

In future, 3D Printing will be used in

  • 3D printing for cosmetic surgical – cheek, nose, or set of eyes
  • 3D prosthetic organs to fight infections and disease
  • 3D printed ears
  • Skin printing
  • Printing living organs
  • 3D Human kidney printing
  • 3D Hearing aids and dentures
  • 3D Prostheses for land-mine victims
  • 3D Face transplant and spine surgery
  • 3D Prescription glasses

Not just that, with increasing development in 3D printing technology, doctors are ultimately utilizing it to develop more complex implants for healing patients. Apart from that, doctors are also putting into use 3D printing in order to create new feet, hands, noses, legs, and eyes for disable people. Also, revolutionary pathologists are trying to identify how to use 3D prosthetic organs to battle infections as well as disease.

Advantages of 3D printing technology in the medical field

  • Training future medical professionals
  • Planning advanced clinical procedures
  • Medical image-based planning
  • Better fitting patient-specific implants

Indeed, by utilizing this emerging technology, we are creating a pathway from our clients’ dreams to realism. We aim to develop the scope of the medical industry in a highly cost effective, time-saving, and quality-driven manner using 3D printing future services.

If you have an idea that needs to be converted into a realistic 3D future services for prototyping or if you need custom 3D future services, we are all set to meet your requirements. For any queries related to our 3D printing future services, you can email us at info@3dstreet.in or call us on +91 97377 26725.


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