The dental industry has redefined itself by espousing 3D printing to improve production efficiency and accuracy in the manufacture of medical devices. By mixing CAD/CAM design oral scanning, and 3D printing, the dental labs can perfectly as well as quickly create a range of orthodontic appliances.

3D Street is an acclaimed Dental Implant Company specialized in producing dental implants directly using CAD design imagery. We offer an advanced 3D printer which can enhance the outcomes without compromising our high-quality standards and costly development of technical infrastructure and personnel of the company.

Our Dental Implants Products Include

  • Dental manufacturing and design services
  • Double structures
  • Hybrid bridges
  • Bridges, crowns, & bars
  • Implant supported structures and more

3D Street uses innovation and science to manufacture exclusive products with verified surgical and esthetic results. Our highly developed implant technologies, computer-guided surgery software, and biologic products have made us a top dental implant company.

Points to consider before using 3D printing for dental implant surgery such as:

  1. Determine the location of sinuses and nerves
  2. Determine depth and width of the bone
  3. Correct sizing for implants

Our team completely understands the significance of providing outstanding service. Our global network of skilled staff and our highly-trained customer care support team are well prepared to meet the requirements of clinicians as well as patients.

What are the benefits of hiring us as a 3D Dental Implant manufacturer?

Some time ago, the dental implants placement was guesswork, time-consuming and insidious surgery. And placement was done without correct planning and thought on the cosmetics as well as future permanence. By the virtue of 3D printing, it has become simpler to replace missing teeth with dental implants services by guaranteeing slightest pain, sure shot precision, and fine-looking cosmetics. A dental implant has become more inexpensive, quicker, perfect and knowable of dental models for various laboratory professionals. Our dental implants services have been used for many years successfully in order to improve the empty space of missing teeth.

At 3D Street, we are adept at manufacturing a lot of dental cases at the same time, helping laboratories to go beyond the needs of customers with reliable quality. Progress in research have been responsible for the broad range of 3D printing solutions that are practiced and bio-compatible to be used in the mouth, for both short and long-term usage.

For information about our Dental Implant product and services, you can email us at info@3dstreet.in or call us on +91 97377 26725.


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